The Logo Pocket Tee

The Logo Pocket Tee

$ 25.00

Incredibly soft, premium fitted tee. Made of 100% ring spun combed cotton. All sizes are unisex. Designed in Brooklyn, printed in Florida.



Who/what is a KimchiTiger? A KimchiTiger is someone with a passion for Tiger food. It doesn't matter what color they are, where they grew up or where they are going. Through some means in their life, they were able to connect to Tiger food and find excitement, joy and comfort in it. 

Beyond the food, a KimchiTiger also has fire in their belly. They are constantly learning and striving to reach the next level. They seek excellence in what they do -- not only in their workplaces, schools and organizations -- but also at home, with friends, in soup kitchens. They ask questions and aren't afraid to go against the grain. They are disrupters. Movers and shakers.